I have been diligently working out since you & I had our coaching session on it … Such a different orientation than I had before.” — MP

I want you to know that you have played a vital, yes, VITAL role in my coming to grips with all that happened … and my taking the steps to create a life I actually want to live.  Your kindness and generosity of spirit (along with your skill and intuition) have buoyed me and even gotten me sailing at times!” — AV

Thank you again for taking me on as a client …  Looking back, you truly helped me through some confusing issues …  Thank you, thank you.” — CW

Suzanne’s coaching skills are powerful and truly life changing. Suzanne is not only incredibly perceptive and dedicated, but she also brings a highly creative, holistic approach to her work.

Suzanne’s coaching has helped me develop a much deeper awareness and understanding of my values, goals, emotions and personal strengths. Our sessions have helped me achieve significant positive change in my professional and personal life. Personally, her coaching has helped me become meaningfully more self-compassionate and attuned to my emotions. And professionally, Suzanne has helped me learn how to recognize and leverage my best strengths to make dramatic progress in my career.

As a coach, Suzanne is highly considerate of my comfort level, working style and the areas I’d most like to address. While her sessions offer ample room for exploration, they have enough structure to leave me with a tool-set I can use between our sessions to work through roadblocks and support myself through challenges.

Working with Suzanne has been an amazing gift. Since our first session, I’ve been struck by Suzanne’s insight, creativity, sensitivity and open-mindedness. She is fully present for all of our sessions and even though our sessions are by phone, her compassion radiates through each conversation.

“Suzanne expressed from the outset that as a coach, she would be there for me 200%. This couldn’t be more true. Suzanne is a dedicated and extremely talented coach whom I would recommend to adults of any age who are interested in personal and/or professional growth. I give her my highest recommendation.” — KC

I had the meeting with my manager as planned. Our coaching session helped me greatly in being prepared and having the right mindset.” — PR

Already my boss and supervisor are saying how pleased and happy they are that I am working for them … and thank you so much for being the coach you are because you definitely played a role in this chapter of my life. God bless love.” — AD

Your clients will be blessed.” — TH

“I am a psychologist. I’ve spent many years as a client in therapy, and I’ve been fortunate to have experienced tremendous healing from childhood sexual trauma through the therapy. My passion, however, is writing, and this is where I was stuck. When I have been completely blocked as a writer, when sitting down in front of the computer has felt like a miserable chore, Suzanne has helped me move through my blocks to a place where my creative energy flows onto the page freely. What a gift Suzanne has and what a gift she has been to me in freeing me to write.”  – JJ

Preparing for my first set of exams at a top law school, I was incredibly nervous and anxious … Suzanne played a critical role in helping me re-center … I am very grateful!” – CR

When you’ve gone through difficult things, and maybe even given up on the future, Suzanne can give you hope, and the tools to make something meaningful out of the rest of your life.” – SK

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