Suzanne Koblentz Goodman M.Arch CPCC ACC

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I have always aimed to do my artistic best for those I have served – as a Yale-educated architectural designer; the founder of an award-winning design magazine; a mother; and, now, a certified life coach.

Yes, being a top life coach is an art. At the excellent institute where I trained, senior coaches taught us many important precepts and practices that inform my approach. However, they also explained that if we have to think about how we respond to our clients, we aren’t coaching optimally. Rather, the objective, indeed, the art, is to respond with questions, insights, techniques, and metaphors that show up spontaneously within us.

Coaching in such a well-trained yet intuitive way that powerfully facilitates client growth! However, being free as a coach to respond so dynamically is a hard-won capacity.

Fortunately, decades of working through my own difficult childhood experiences have created a great freedom within me. To arrive at my own happiness, I had to resolve many inner problems and blocks, and this gives me personal expertise which, synthesized with my professional training, enables me to respond to my clients in just such a flowing, creative manner.

It’s been a long journey to arrive at this point. Along the way, however, I always did my best on my clients’ behalf. As an architectural designer, I strove to create homes for my clients that elegantly addressed both their functional requirements and their aesthetics. As founder, editor, and publisher of an international design magazine, I sought to offer my readers articles that were both inspiring and practical. As a mother, I endeavored to support my son in developing the gifts he found most fulfilling, and this process of self-attunement has helped him to shape an adult life he loves.

Now it brings me great joy to help my coaching clients do the same!

SPECIALTIES: career goals; business strategy; relationships; parenting; work/life balance; writer’s block; coaching after therapy.

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