Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Himalayan Singing Bowl Vibrational Therapy
Deb uses authentic hand-hammered Himalayan singing bowls made of seven metals in her practice, along with a 22” gong imported from China and several other authentic sacred instruments. The energy from the gong sends what can feel like “waves” over you to remove the build-up of everyday debris in your aura, chakras and total being and to promote healing. Some people have reported sensations of being on the ocean with waves gently caressing them, flying with a complete feeling of freedom, being surrounded by the energy of a beloved ancestor, and also deep healing throughout their entire body.

The gong is used to clear and cleanse your aura, chakras and entire being.  The gong portion of the appointment is followed by vibrational therapy using Himalayan Singing Bowls on and around you, while lying on a heated Bio-Mat™ filled with Amethyst crystals on a massage table. Alternatively, the bowls can be placed only around a person who may not want the bowls to touch them. The sounds of these sacred instruments soothe, reduce stress and can promote healing.

Sound therapy is an effective adjunct in the healing of anxiety, depression, insomnia, musculoskeletal pain and tinnitus to name a few. It should not be viewed as treatment, and serious medical conditions should be referred to a primary care physician.

Oneida Holistic Health Center hosts regular group Sound Bath Meditation events.  Please refer to our “Register for a Class” page on the Main Menu to sign up for this truly unique healing experience.


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