Julie Stygar, Reiki Master

Julie Stygar is a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Sound Healing practitioner and Psychic Medium.

Julie has been working with Reiki clients for over 5 years.  Her Reiki sessions are truly unique because she combines her natural healing and psychic intuitive abilities to tune into each client on an individualized basis.  Whether it is your first visit or a repeat, she will provide a calm, soothing, and sensitive environment that promotes the perfect atmosphere for experiencing a Reiki session.  She is thoughtful, funny and has a unique way of putting people at ease.

Julie’s Psychic abilities have been longstanding.  She has provided Intuitive Readings for clients for over 8 years even though gifted from an early age.  The multi-layered senses that are employed in Mediumship also “cross over” into her Reiki healing practice.  This combined with the use of sound healing make for a unique experience.  Her clients have all expressed a very positive experience.  Some have also reported relief from various issues or concerns they may have previously experienced.

Julie is and has been an avid volunteer in her community for the past 18 years. She is a retired volunteer EMT and presently provides Reiki services at the Veteran’s Base camp in Chaplin, Ct.  Her love of helping people and giving back to the community speak of her longstanding desire to help others in their time of need in whatever capacity is needed.

Julie enjoys kayaking, grounding and communing with nature, spending time with family and friends, reading Anne Perry novels and exploring all things “Energy and healing” related.

She is passionate about meeting new people and looks forward to introducing them to an amazing healing alternative!

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