Suzanne Koblentz Goodman,   M.Arch CPCC ACC

                      CERTIFIED LIFE COACH                          

Suzanne Photo for ProfileSuzanne trained at one of the top coaching institutes in the world (CTI) and is certified by both CTI and the International Coach Federation.

Step by step, she will work with you by phone to:

  • clarify your goals.
  • choose effective tactics and strategies for achieving your goals.
  • utilize and, where necessary, expand, your strengths and skills, so you can put those tactics and strategies into action.
  • successfully contend with the inner and outer obstacles that arise as you move toward your goals.

Coaching with Suzanne will help you to:

  • succeed at work that is fulfilling to you and which draws on your unique set of talents and values.
  • develop more rewarding relationships with your friends, family, and/or intimate partner.
  • optimize your health so you can make the most of your life.
  • make a difference in the world in your own unique way.
  • live a life that expresses your core values and passions.


For further information about coaching by phone with Suzanne, feel free to call her at (860)365-5818 and be sure to include in your message:

  • your name.
  • a brief message about why you are calling.
  • a phone number where Suzanne can reach you.
  • the best times to return your call.

To sign up for a coaching session, simply return to the home page and click on ‘Book an Appointment.’

PLEASE NOTE: Coaching is appropriate and beneficial for virtually all individuals who seek it.  But for those suffering pronounced psychological difficulties such as serious depression, severe anxiety, suicidal ideation, or addiction, it is necessary to first significantly resolve those issues through appropriate mental health work and medical treatment, before turning to coaching. 

However, coaching is indeed a very effective follow-up to psychotherapy, or even an excellent simultaneous adjunct to it.  Since most forms of psychotherapy deal primarily with healing past wounds, and coaching focuses primarily on building a happy future, the principles and methods of each can complement the other. 

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