About Us

At the Oneida Holistic Health Center you will find a welcoming and relaxed setting where our practitioners are dedicated to helping you live well and feel good. Our center consists of a group of dedicated holistic healthcare practitioners invested in offering quality services and goods to the community. Our licensed and experienced professionals offer the following services:

Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Auriculotherapy,  Life Coaching/Pastoral Counseling, Energy Healing, and Sound/Vibrational Therapy.

Our goal at the Oneida Holistic Health Center is to help our clients and community attain true health by using holistic, non-invasive therapeutic approaches. By holistic, we are referring to treating the body as a whole, not as fragmented parts. Holistic healing promotes optimum health and well-being, not just the treatment of symptoms. The goal in holistic medicine is not to separately “fix” the body’s parts; it is to help maximize the body’s natural healing mechanisms and immune system. The body was designed to heal itself and function in a balanced state, but due to environmental toxicities, underlying weaknesses, stress, viruses,etc.,it may sometimes need help to regain its natural balance.

The Oneida Center can help individuals integrate both conventional (from other physicians) and complementary therapies. We develop unique individual treatment plans based on each person’s health care needs and provide ongoing support to patients as they encounter life changes. We encourage you to ask questions. A focus is placed on a wellness-oriented lifestyle in order to promote both short-term and long-term health care goals.


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