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start a new chapterFeeling stuck? Want to move on? Wondering what to do next? Do you have a vision of where you want to be in life but aren’t quite sure how to get there? Working with a life coach can help. Life coaches don’t “fix” you or  your problems. They do work with you to help you learn to take the steps needed to make the changes you desire. Sometimes we just need to reach deep and assess the situation, look at the whole picture and institute a plan to make the vision a reality.

Certified Life Coach Torin Lee has worked with, entrepreneurs, business owners, individuals, families, students, recent graduates, Fortune 500 executives, couples, young adults, women in transition, caregivers and youths. Learn more about our Torin by visiting our Practitioners Page. We moved recently and are now conveniently located at 16 West Rd near the Marlborough commuter lot. We are  just a short distance from Hartford, Groton, Norwich, Colchester, West Hartford, Middletown and Berlin. If you are  unable to come to our location we offer phone and Skype appointments. Now you can attend sessions from the comfort of home, on your lunch break, while waiting for your next flight or any where else you may be. We are currently offering $50 Skype and phone sessions for new clients. Use the book now tab to book an appointment online  or call 860-467-6518.

Why Do I Need A Health Coach?

Have you ever attempted to get healthy and fit but failed? Have you ever found it to be incredibly difficult to stick with a fitness program and nutritional program for any length of time? Have you tried “diets” that just failed over and over? If this is your current situation, you should seriously consider hiring a personal health coach. The benefits of a health coach are numerous.

Your health coach will be able to guide you towards the most effective actions you can take for the goals you are working towards. Whether you are dealing with a specific health condition, or you simply want to get into better overall shape, a coach will be able to guide you in the specific directions you need to move closer toward your goals.

Your health coach  may recommend lifestyle changes, eliminating certain foods you are eating from your diet, adding specific foods and recipes to your diet, specific fitness programs you should be engaging in, as well as many other strategies that will increase your overall health.

In general, a health coach is focused on increasing their clients overall stamina and vitality. Other goals of a coach are generally related to the goals each individual has established for themselves. A coach for achieving good health will usually attempt to guide their clients towards the best actions they can take to achieve their personal goals.

A coach may not be able to describe the causes of a specific illness, or present a solution for a specific illness, but they will be able to move their clients towards a direction that makes them healthier all around. A coach may utilize meal plans in order to regulate the food their clients are consuming on a regular basis.

Another recommendation from a personal coach may be related to a specific exercise. Perhaps you are hoping to achieve better overall health. If this is your situation, a coach will likely recommend a solution that is similar to running a mile a day, or some other activity, that will certainly add to your overall vitality.

One of the most important aspects of having a health coach is the fact that they will help you stick with your plans. Not only will a coach develop the strategies you must implement in order to become healthier, but they will also stick with you in order to make sure you are following through with the plans that have been laid out for you. It is this follow-through approach to getting healthy that is the most important step for achieving vibrant health.

Dr. Julie k. Jones is a certified health coach at the Oneida Holistic Health Center in Marlborough, CT.  The center is just a short distance from Hartford, Middletown, Willimantic Old Saybrook. For more info please call 860-467-6518 or viit Coach Julie’s website


Ease Depression With Massage

massage 1Feeling blue? “Swedish, shiatsu, and other massage types may ease depression, a 2010 meta-analysis in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found. How? Massages reduce stress hormone levels, heart rate, and blood pressure, and boost mood and relaxation by triggering the release of oxytocin and serotonin.”-Mens Health Magazine

   We have male and female Licensed Massage Therapists available at the Oneida Center. The Oneida Holistic Health Center is located at 8 Hebron Rd( historic Route 66) in Marlborough, CT. We are just a short distance from Old Saybrook, Hartford, Brooklyn,UConn, Storrs, Norwich, Groton and most Connecticut localities.
   OHHC Holiday Special: Buy a package of 5 massage therapy sessions and get one free session. Gift Certificates available.Sorry can not be combined with Veteran‘s Discount, Student discounts or any other specials.

Does Reflexology Benefit Those With Multiple Sclerosis?

hands and feetReflexology is a revival of an ancient therapy discovered and developed by the Chinese 5000 years ago. It was practiced in the Middle East by the ancient Egyptians who respected it as a curative therapy.

In the 1930’s an American physiotherapist, Eunice Ingram introduced reflexology to America. The principle of this therapy is scientific in that by giving deep, controled compression with the thumb to reflex points on the feet, hands or ears, corresponding to certain parts of the body tensions and blockages are released, allowing the free flow of vital energies and helping the body to heal itself.

There are two Certified Reflexologists offering services at the Oneida Holistic Health Center. They both offer offsite programs. The Oneida Center is located on historic Route 66  in Marlborough, CT.  We are just a short distance from Hartford, East Hampton, Glastonbury, Old Saybrook, Groten and Wethersfield. The National Institute of Health conducted a study on whether or not Reflexology could benefit those with Multiple Sclerosis. The study can be read by following this link:

Welcome Anita

healthy lifeWelcome to our newest Practioner, Anita Schubert, Licensed Nutritionist.

Anita offers nutritional counseling for individuals with varying health issues and disorders, to help them move towards optimized health. Her goal is to teach her clients how the body works and the impact of one’s food choices and habits. Her approach presumes that the body is designed to function beautifully if we can provide the proper raw materials and eliminate the barriers. She will seek to uncover the underlying sources of your health problems, and work with you to correct them, primarily with diet, and sometimes with supplements as well as other lifestyle changes. Anita strives to use cutting edge nutrition science as well as proven traditional approaches. She provides a supportive, compassionate environment in which to collaborate with her clients in creating individualized programs that will help them incorporate healthy life habits. In addition, she is able to offer a spiritual component to clients who might find it comforting and inspiring as she has more than 20 years of experience in the clergy as a cantor.

Anita Schubert earned an M.S. in human nutrition from the University of Maryland and a B.S. in education from the University of Rochester. She practiced in Montgomery County, MD, counseling individuals, teaching classes, and doing research in the USDA Nutrient Composition Laboratory in Beltsville, MD. Since she has lived in Connecticut, she successfully passed the national board exam administered through the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists, and met the certification requirements for the state of Connecticut (license #001160). Aware of the continuing research in the nutritional field, Anita pursues forums for increasing her knowledge base and staying abreast of new developments. She attends conferences and participates in webinars, as well as maintaining membership in professional nutrition organizations.

Anita is a participating provider for Cigna and Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Companies. Other insurances will be added soon.  Please verify your coverage prior to your appointment.
Appointments with Anita may be made by calling 860-467-6518

Concerning Dr. Ed…

inspiration rocks
The following is an email we received about Dr. Edward Miller, our Chiropractor and Medical Acupuncturist.

Subject: Re: Please Review The Oneida Holistic Health Center

I went to write this in the review email that I got but there are too many words! imagine that! so, here it is to do what you want with it……….

In a time when doctors spend less time with you then their cup of coffee, Dr. Ed is the exception! He is one of the most kind-hearted men that I have had the pleasure of knowing. I have been participating in his weekly community acupuncture gatherings and have received amazing benefits. I recently developed a high fever for a week and went to see Dr. Ed. He spent an honoring amount of time with me and then delivered a chiropractic adjustment and then acupuncture. I felt immediate relief and followed up a week later for another adjustment. Knowing how sick I was, Dr. Ed compassionately took time out of his weekend to call me from a conference to see how I was doing! Just his unconditional belief in the power of our own body’s healing potential and his confidence in knowing that these miracles happen daily, allowed me to feel at peace and assured. I sincerely recommend Dr. Ed to anyone who is ready to be supported by an amazing earthly angle doctor! You will feel better just knowing him!

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