Our Practitioners

Welcome to Oneida Holistic Health Center’s Holistic Services. We are proud to introduce our experienced team of practitioners who can help guide you to optimum health and happiness.

Dr. Jason M. Belejack, ND

Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Belejack is a Naturopatic Physician. Graduating summa cum laude, Dr. Belejack received his ND (naturopathic doctorate) degree from the College of Naturopathic Medicine at the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT. Prior to that he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Med from Central Connecticut State University. Dr. Belejack is also a certified therapeutic lifestyle practitioner, a licensed massage therapist and has worked as an EMT for the city of Hartford, CT.

Dr. Belejack finds practicing naturopathic medicine successfully blends his extensive medical knowledge with a natural, holistic approach. He believes in the body’s ability to heal itself through a special vital energy and aims to prevent illness through changes to diet and lifestyle, and stress reduction. He uses safe, non-toxic approaches to treat an underlying cause of disease. Some examples include dietary and lifestyle modification, nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, homeopathy, counseling, and detoxification treatments. Patients are treated as individuals and their treatment is tailored to their      specific needs.

Providing specialty naturaopathic medical care, Dr. Belejack specializes in conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, digestive and endocrine disorders, and neurological complaints.  He has advanced training in pediatrics, men’s health and naturopathic oncology.

As an adjunct faculty at the CT Center for Massage Therapy, Dr. Belejack teaches anatomy, physiology and pathology. He is also a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  Dr. Belejack is co-owner, with his wife Kristy, of the Durham Naturopathic Health and Wellness Center located in Durham, CT.

Colleen E. Dumas, LMT

Massage Therapy, Clinical Reflexology

Colleen E. Dumas is a licensed Massage Therapist and graduated with a Certificate for Academic Excellence from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington, CT. Believing the client holds the key to their own health and well-being, therapeutic massage can assist in increasing the awareness of one’s mind-body communication and connection, thereby contributing to the overall optimal functioning of the mind, body, and spirit.

Colleen specializes in Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release, in order to promote pain reduction in acute and chronic injuries and to correct structural imbalances in the musculoskeletal system.  Colleen is trained  in Trigger Point Therapy and has the ability to release chronic points of tension caused by physical and/or emotional stress.  She is known for providing the ultimate in relaxation, incorporating Aromatherapy, heat therapy, and guided breathing and movement techniques into her comprehensive and therapeutical massage work.

Colleen is also a board certified Clinical Reflexologist. Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy and is a form of body work that focuses primarily on the feet but can include the hands. Practitioners believe that applying pressure to these reflex areas can promote health in the corresponding organs through energetic pathways. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, and encourages overall healing. Reflexology is also used for post-operative or palliative care. A study in the American Cancer Society journal found that one-third of cancer patients used reflexology as a complementary therapy.

Spending time with her family, especially her son Leo, brings her much joy. Likewise, there are so many beautiful things going on in the garden, Colleen loves nature and the pleasure she gets from working in the soil, nurturing plants, and watching them grow into healthy, delicious food for her family.


Colleen is a member of the Onsite Wellness Team at the Oneida Holistic Health Center and is also available to travel to your event or business. Massage is a delightful yet affordable treat to offer guests at family reunions, employee appreciation events, and bridal and baby showers.

Rebecca Robertson, LMT

Massage Therapy

Rebecca Robertson is a Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Groton, Connecticut. Rebecca holds a strong belief that anyone has the ability to heal one’s inner self, and that healing is a personal journey. Her passion is to help support one during their journey through massage and bodywork.
Rebecca offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Orthopedic Massage as well as Trigger Point Therapy, generalized acupressure, and polarity balancing.

Rebecca believes in the healthy practice of a balanced mind and body, spending much of her time outdoors gardening, kayaking, practicing yoga, and maintaining regular meditation.

Theodore Falbowski, LMT

Manual Lymph Drainage, Geriatric Massage Therapy

Ted received his B.A. degree in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University. Interested in finding a career where he could enjoy the satisfaction of helping people in a positive environment, Ted went on to graduate from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington, CT. He is a nationally certified massage therapist and a member of The American Massage Therapy Association.

Ted is certified and specializes in manual lymphatic drainage. It is a technique developed in Germany for treatment of lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid that can occur after lymph nodes are removed during surgery, most often a mastectomy for breast cancer. Other reasons?  Whenever there is a blockage of lymph fluid in the nodes or sinuses, MLD can expedite the removal of toxic fluid in the lymph system, thereby speeding up the healing process.  Manual lymph drainage has been shown to remove toxic buildup of free radicals and the toxic remains of chemo- and  radiation therapy in the lymph systems of cancer survivors.

Ted specializes in geriatric massage therapy which is designed to address the specific needs of the elderly population. This type of massage uses gentle and light application of massage techniques and can include passive stretching and a light oil or lotion to permit muscles to be worked on without causing excessive friction to the skin. These techniques can help enhance blood circulation, combat depression, improve balance and flexibility, reduce the pain of arthritis, increase joint mobility, improve posture, and encourage overall well-being. It has also been shown to relieve anxiety and provide comfort, especially to touch-deprived elderly clients.

Known for his compassionate and gentle nature, Ted customizes each therapeutic session to fit a person’s needs and addresses specific client concerns. He addresses client issues whether its recovering from an injury, concerns with chronic pain, or the need to relieve stress.

Yosef Resnick, H.M.D.

Auricular Therapy:  Treating both mind & body using Acupressure Points on the surface of the outer ear.

Yosef Resnick, H.M.D. is certified by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine as a holistic practitioner. He is certified by the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute as an Auriculotherapist (ear acupressure/reflexology). He also is certified by both the Quantum International University for Integrative Medicine and the Academy of Holistic Sciences. He practices a number of other holistic healing modalities, all non-invasive: Sujok Therapy (Korean hand acupressure), Body Space Medicine, and Spectro-Chrome light therapy.  He offers holistic nutritional counseling, as well as the Alcot food sensitivity test.

Yosef has a Master’s in Education and rabbinical ordination. He is an educator, a musician, and a writer whose work has appeared in various print and online publications. Yosef and his family live in western Massachusetts. In his free time, Yosef enjoys nature, cooking vegan meals, listening to a wide range of musical styles, and playing guitar.

Yosef has been on a personal journey of alternative and integrative health for close to three decades and is excited to be able to share his knowledge and skills with you. He looks forward to working together with you in partnership to help you achieve the very best of health.

Torin Lee 

Pastoral Counselor, Personal and Professional Life Coach, Reiki Master & Motivational Speaker

Torin Lee is passionate about helping people navigate through life’s transitions!  Embracing a holistic approach, Torin considers all aspects of a person (mind-body-spirit) in her practice. Using both her coaching and energy healing skills, Torin successfully empowers, inspires, and motivates others to “know and grow their own personal power” to affect positive change in themselves and their environment.

Torin holds undergraduate degrees in political science and sociology, and has studied psychology, coaching, leadership, sex therapy, organizational development and training. Torin is a certified Reiki Master, the highest level of Reiki, the ancient art of healing. Reiki Masters have the most profound intuitive perception.

Certified as a pastoral counselor and life coach, Torin brings more than 20 years of coaching, communication, training, and business experience to her practice. Torin has assisted diversified clientele including teenagers, women, couples, families and business leaders in motivating and inspiring them to create a passion-filled life.

Trained by Nancy Shanteau, founder of The Folkloom School and Skills for Change Coaching Program, Torin blends these highly-successful principles in her coaching practice. Skills for Change Coaches practice systemic power analysis and embodied practices, the creative, dynamic forces of Energy Awareness, Creativity and Writing Coaching, as well as Bodywork and couples, family, and group Mediation, Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution. Torin abides by the IFC(??) Code of Ethics.

Captivating her audiences, Torin uses humor and vivid storytelling to relate personal experiences of over-coming some of life’s most difficult challenges. She uses her expertise and “fearless” tactics to transform a serious issue into a visual feast and enlightening experience. Audiences walk away with a new perspective on how they can achieve a balanced and abundant life. Torin would be excited to engage, educate and entertain at your next event. Sample topics may include: Communication, Creative Change, Innovation, Personal Growth, Surviving a Crisis (death, divorce, illness).

Melanie VanOstrand

Energy Healing, Medical Intuition, Shamanic Guidance, Usui Reiki Master

Melanie VanOstrand is a gifted spiritual messenger and healer.  Melanie uses her natural gifts as an empath to bring her clients healing and guidance from the spirit world. Her love of nature, animals, and all living things fuels her passion for bringing balance to herself, others, and the Earth. Melanie holds certification as a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Method of Natural Healing, trance healing, Medical Intuition through the Psyche Institute of Higher Learning, and she is a Celtic Reiki: Sacred Tree Medicine Master through Jane Burns, OM/Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher. In addition to her many certifications,
Melanie offers home and space clearings, angel card and spiritual readings, Shamanic Journeying Instruction, and energy work for animals of all kinds, especially horses.
A healing session with Melanie will be guided by her powerful spirit allies and may include sacred smoke, tree medicine, energetic balancing and extraction, singing bowls, plant and tree essences, light therapy, drumming, and rattling. With 17 years as a public school
teacher, Melanie has a special gift working with children and welcomes all ages for energy healing. Melanie has devoted her life to walking the shamanic path and is a dedicated student of Celtic and core shamanism, believing that we never stop learning and growing. She is blessed to share her life with amazing friends, family, clients, her partner Jake and their beloved dogs Finnius and Fiona, and her amazing Connemara Pony, Story. Melanie is the owner of Sea in the Sky, LLC, a healing practice bringing balance and well-being to people and animals.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Catherine Haugh


Catherine’s spiritual journey has brought her to the Oneida Center as a certified Reiki practitioner. Bringing unique and intuitive energy to her practice, she aims at sharing healing energy to help facilitate balance and healing for others. Catherine is a super-positive person, and excellent listener and communicator.

As a Reiki practitioner, Catherine has successfully acquired the necessary knowledge of Reiki, having completed the attunements required to heal herself and others. Catherine pays special attention to the Chakras, the seven energy centers, in a person. Chakras are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness, and are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions.

Catherine is also owner of SiS Designs, where she creates spiritually inspired jewelry and gifts. Since its inception in 2009, Catherine has created many collections and signature pieces of handmade jewelry. She has always had an attraction to jewelry and an innate love of working with her hands. Nature and the spiritual world are inspirations as evidenced by her collections: Angel Wings, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Tree of Life, and healing gemstones and crystals. Craftsmanship is an integral part of her business. Not only does her jewelry go from design to production under one roof, it is made with love and healing energy.

Catherine also holds jewelry making workshops, classes and home parties. Her wealth of knowledge and engaging teaching style ensures everyone has a fun and fulfilling experience. Visit her website: http://www.sisdesigns.info

Karen Fox, BS

Certified Shamanic Sound Healer, Musician and Teacher

Karen is a musician at heart. She started playing guitar at 13 and learned to read music early on from her father and in grammar school. She fondly remembers the family jam sessions on the back deck of her home on hot summer nights. The start of Karen’s career with music began when she manufactured guitars at Ovation Instruments in New Hartford, CT. She formally studied Jazz Guitar at the National Guitar Summer Workshop in the late 80’s.

Karen’s life took a turn to her second love, science, in the 1990’s. After working with cancer patients for two years at the Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center at Hartford Hospital, she decided to return to school and complete her Bachelors degree in Genetic

Sciences at the University of Connecticut. Karen had worked as Supervisor of the Genetics laboratory at Baystate Medical Center for 12 years when she decided it was time to return to her first love, music.

Her dream to formally study music came true in 2014 when she studied Music Theory, Harmony, Piano and Vocal under the guidance of Dr. Carolina Flores at Manchester Community College. In the summer of 2015, Karen studied with Zacciah Blackburn at the Center of Light Institute School for Shamanic Studies in Ascutney, VT and is currently certified in Shamanic Sound Healing practices. In addition to her music, she brings to her practice a strong desire to help people along their spiritual path through healing with a sense of compassion, empathy and excellent communication and teaching skills.

Karen’s spiritual journey began as a teenager when she discovered meditation and alternate forms of consciousness. Through spiritual discipline and a background in science, Karen’s understanding of quantum physics and the Universal Laws of light and sound energy have lead her to experience the Omnipotent Nature behind all of existence. She is currently working on her Masters Degree in Integrative Health and Healing at The Graduate Institute with a focus in Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy. She lives in a cottage house in Manchester, CT with her partner Catherine and miniature schnauzer, Pepper.



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