Integrative Healing

chiropractic2As an Integrative  Healer, Dr. Edward  G. Miller uses a whole person approach to treating his clients rather than just treating  symptoms. People  must have Inner Core Wellness, in order to be balanced in Body, Mind and Spirit.

When a person is depressed they tend to lower their shoulders and when they are angered the shoulders, chest  and other muscles tense. Over time the very acts of slouching  or feeling angry can adversely affect the spine, organs and other body and brain systems. When we identify ourselves by an illness such as saying ” I have cancer” our whole being is adversely affected. When we see our wellness we strengthen it.  Try this quick exercise. Say  out loud “I am well!” Notice how your body responds to those three simple words!

Dr. Ed Miller is a graduate of the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois where he received his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Doctorate of Chiropractic.  He received his Diplomate in Medical Acupuncture from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

As a Chiropractic Physician Certified in Medical Acupuncture, he takes an integrative approach to wellness utilizing gentle non force healing modalities.  His integrative approach utilizes a combination Quantum Touch, gentle non-force Chiropractic care , Acupuncture, Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy as well as Nutrition.  As part of his holistic approach Dr. Miller also incorporates  the ZYTO BALANCE Technology for evaluating the effects of stress on the body.