Cancer Comfort – Free Skincare Sessions

Are you or a loved one undergoing or have completed cancer treatment?

If you answered yes then please read on. You are invited to receive FREE 45 minute skin care services. On the third Saturdays and Mondays of each month the Oneida Holistic Health Center located at 16 West Road, Marlborough, CT will be hosting   Cancer Comfort. These special skincare sessions are available to anyone undergoing or who have completed cancer treatment along with their friends/loved ones, and medical staff that are assisting in their care during this journey.  Cancer Comfort’s mission at the Oneida Holistic Center is to complete the circle of care by establishing an oncology certified skin care action plan to hydrate, protect and rejuvenate the beautiful you; while helping you balancing mind, body, and spirit during your cancer treatment journey and beyond.

Plan to relax and be nurtured for a 45 minute pampering by our oncology trained skin care specialist. This free service is offered every third Saturday starting June 21 and every third Monday starting July 21st, You will receive a private skin analysis and consultation so we can design a customized skin care treatment for your specific needs.

This free program is a gift from Eyde Hurst. Eyde is a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals and Certified in Oncology Esthetics. Eyde’s vision of providing personalizes compassionate skin therapy is currently the only oncology specific skin care service in Connecticut.

All participants will be automatically entered in a monthly raffle.There will be four raffle winners each month. Raffle prizes are: (2) a 60 minute hydrating facial and hand treatment worth $60.00 or A wig/style fittings from Reflections by Kim in Colchester CT , or A wig styling or fitting service from Philamena at Special Effects in Colchester CT.

Programs Hours:

Third Saturday of each month: 9am-3pm

Third Monday of each month: 4pm-8pm.certified oncology

Reservations required. To reserve your spot call 860-467-6518

First Friday FREE – November 7, 2014

First FridayJoin us Friday, November 7, 2014 from 7-9 pm for our monthly FIRST FRIDAY FREE event.  Free 15-20 minute private healing sessions, including Reiki, Reflexology or Mini-Massage. Light refreshments will be provided.

Seating is going quickly so please call 860-467-651. Reserve your spot and tell a friend!

New Event: November 1, 2014 – Learn to Read Angel Cards with Andrew Oxman

Saturday, November 1, 2014, 3-5 pm

Learn to Read Angel Oracle Cards

Andrew Oxman, Angel Medium will teach participants how to conduct their own angel card reading.  Participants will learn how to consecrate, shuffle and choose cards from their own decks with the angels’ guidance.   Ask questions to the angels and develop your intuitive abilities to receive and understand their answers and guidance. 

angel wings with heart

Please bring your own deck of angel oracle cards. Andrew recommends angel card decks by Doreen Virtue.  Angel card decks can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, or online at

Participants have fun and often encounter a surprise or two learning how the angels are willing and able to us.  Please join us and bring a friend to share in this wonderful learning experience.  
Seating is limited.  Reserve a seat by calling 860-467-6518 or email  Fee: $40 per person.


Reflexology Massage Ellen Dumas, Licensed Massage Therapist is also certified in Reflexology.  By applying gentle pressure to flex points on the feet, hands or ears that correspond to different body organs and systems, Reflexology  can have a beneficial effect on the organs and person’s general health.  As an intervention it can help to reduce pain and enhance relaxation, sleep, and the reduction of psychological symptoms, such as anxiety and depression.  Go to Book An Appointment or call 860-467-6518.  

Skype it!

start a new chapterFeeling stuck? Want to move on? Wondering what to do next? Do you have a vision of where you want to be in life but aren’t quite sure how to get there? Working with a life coach can help. Life coaches don’t “fix” you or  your problems. They do work with you to help you learn to take the steps needed to make the changes you desire. Sometimes we just need to reach deep and assess the situation, look at the whole picture and institute a plan to make the vision a reality.

Certified Life Coach Torin Lee has worked with, entrepreneurs, business owners, individuals, families, students, recent graduates, Fortune 500 executives, couples, young adults, women in transition, caregivers and youths. Learn more about our Torin by visiting our Practitioners Page. We moved recently and are now conveniently located at 16 West Rd near the Marlborough commuter lot. We are  just a short distance from Hartford, Groton, Norwich, Colchester, West Hartford, Middletown and Berlin. If you are  unable to come to our location we offer phone and Skype appointments. Now you can attend sessions from the comfort of home, on your lunch break, while waiting for your next flight or any where else you may be. We are currently offering $50 Skype and phone sessions for new clients. Use the book now tab to book an appointment online  or call 860-467-6518.

Why Do I Need A Health Coach?

Have you ever attempted to get healthy and fit but failed? Have you ever found it to be incredibly difficult to stick with a fitness program and nutritional program for any length of time? Have you tried “diets” that just failed over and over? If this is your current situation, you should seriously consider hiring a personal health coach. The benefits of a health coach are numerous.

Your health coach will be able to guide you towards the most effective actions you can take for the goals you are working towards. Whether you are dealing with a specific health condition, or you simply want to get into better overall shape, a coach will be able to guide you in the specific directions you need to move closer toward your goals.

Your health coach  may recommend lifestyle changes, eliminating certain foods you are eating from your diet, adding specific foods and recipes to your diet, specific fitness programs you should be engaging in, as well as many other strategies that will increase your overall health.

In general, a health coach is focused on increasing their clients overall stamina and vitality. Other goals of a coach are generally related to the goals each individual has established for themselves. A coach for achieving good health will usually attempt to guide their clients towards the best actions they can take to achieve their personal goals.

A coach may not be able to describe the causes of a specific illness, or present a solution for a specific illness, but they will be able to move their clients towards a direction that makes them healthier all around. A coach may utilize meal plans in order to regulate the food their clients are consuming on a regular basis.

Another recommendation from a personal coach may be related to a specific exercise. Perhaps you are hoping to achieve better overall health. If this is your situation, a coach will likely recommend a solution that is similar to running a mile a day, or some other activity, that will certainly add to your overall vitality.

One of the most important aspects of having a health coach is the fact that they will help you stick with your plans. Not only will a coach develop the strategies you must implement in order to become healthier, but they will also stick with you in order to make sure you are following through with the plans that have been laid out for you. It is this follow-through approach to getting healthy that is the most important step for achieving vibrant health.

Dr. Julie k. Jones is a certified health coach at the Oneida Holistic Health Center in Marlborough, CT.  The center is just a short distance from Hartford, Middletown, Willimantic Old Saybrook. For more info please call 860-467-6518 or viit Coach Julie’s website